Hi, I'm Gordon

I like to make cool things with software and hardware.

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Some of the things I'm interested in


I have more than a decade of enterprise Agile Software Engineering experience. Some of my key skills/interests are in Leadership, Architecture & Design, C# .Net, SQL Server and Agile (Scrum)


I have a deep fascination with building things, especially when I can combine hardware (electronics), software and 3D printing. Watch this space to follow my journey of discovery & experimentation.


Photography has been one of my long term passions. I particularly enjoy working with people, doing nighttime landscapes and creating long exposure photos

Summary of my career

CV / Résumé

Gordon Rudman CV Résumé

Some of the projects I worked on

Automation of the Ford and Mazda Factory in South Africa

These are some representations of the pump types my software system was controlling in the factory. This is a one screen shot of the animated interface that the employees used to control and monitor the entire phosphate section of the plant. The pumps were a just small part of the full system I built.

Automation of the Ford and Mazda Factory in South Africa

More to follow as I get time



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